Meet The Balls

While it’s called Blue Balls, it’s the red balls that give you all of your super powers!  You’ll probably end up tweaking these rules a bit to reflect your style of play, but here’s how they might work:


  • SKIP AND SWAT – You have two options with this ball.  Either shoot it like a normal Blue Ball, or decide to skip using the ball for one round.  If you skip using it, you can instead attempt to swat one of your opponents calls.  The swat may only be attempted once per round regardless if you hit or miss.
  • FILL OR KILL – If you sink this ball into the opponents cup, return one of your cups to the game or force your opponent to clear an extra one of your choice.
  • DOUBLE TROUBLE – If you sink this ball, your opponent must clear two more cups.  If you miss, clear one of your own and return one of your opponents cups.  This is a high risk ball, so make it count!
  • PLUS-MINUS – Sink a ball, then immediately sink this ball.  Return one of your cups to the game, and your opponent must clear one.  Use this ball when you’re on a hot streak!
  • FIRESALE – Once you sink this ball, keep shooting until you miss.  This ball also cannot be swatted (see SKIP AND SWAT).
  • RESPAWN – For most of the game, this ball functions just like any other Blue Ball.  However, if your opponent has just won, have them select a cup.  Use this ball.  If you hit the selected cup, return three of your cups to the game.
Red drinking cup

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