Game Rules

Much like what’s in your cups, this game is designed to be very fluid.  It’s expected that you’ll probably come up with your own rules and game modes.  If you’re a first-timer looking for some guidelines, here is how the game might be played:

  • Each team blindly grabs the number of red balls from the ball bag as suggested:
    • EASY – Select a single red ball and two blue balls.
    • SMEDIUM – Two red balls and a single blue ball.
    • LEGENDARY – Three red balls!  Screw the blue balls.
  • Which team had sex more recently?  That’s awesome, but you go last.
  • Selected balls must be used for the entire game.
  • Teams alternate throwing balls, announcing any red balls before shooting.
  • Be the last team with a cup on the table!

Possible additional rules:

  • SECRETS – Red balls are not announced before shooting.
  • THREE MAN – Get three balls in a row, make a rule.  Break a rule, clear a cup!
  • FIGGING – Red ball actions only count if bounced into a cup.  Otherwise they’re just blue balls that are red.
  • RANDO BALLDRISSIAN – After each round, all red balls are dumped back into the ball bag and new balls selected
Red drinking cup

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